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Start of the chestnut season

Chestnut gourmets and enthusiasts can hardly wait for the first chestnuts to make their appearance in September. Enjoyed either roasted and munched by hand, as a dessert or a side dish with game – chestnuts are not only low-fat but also delicious. Preparing them is always fast and easy with the multi-functional and practical chestnut oven from Stöckli.

When it comes to the chestnut oven, the Swiss family business places a premium on versatility. With this appliance you can roast fresh chestnuts, cook potatoes, prepare thin crêpes, bake tasty tortillas or grill meat and sausages – all this with just one appliance! The steel-enamel pot can take up to 500 grams of chestnuts. Just pre-heat it briefly and then leave the chestnuts (cut open on one side) for 15 minutes with the lid closed to get nice and toasty – that's it!

And if hot potatoes are your thing, you can also use the pot to prepare delicious baked potatoes. In the mood for a sweet or savoury treat? Depending on the model you choose, simply place the supplied non-stick grill/crêpe/tortilla plate onto the bottom casing and bake your crêpes or tortillas or prepare your grills – whatever your heart desires!

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