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The gardening season starts with the first plants start waking up from their winter rest when the first warm rays of sun warm the ground. Regular and sufficient watering is essential so that the flowers and plants in the garden or on the balcony won't droop their heads – and during longer dry spells, it is particularly important to keep your watering can handy. There’s a reason that gardening pros rely on Stöckli watering cans.

The special quality of the watering cans is evident from the first time you use it. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the 10- or 12-liter are easy to grip and pour the water exactly as and where you need it. The removable shower head is designed so that the water is poured gently over the plants.

Made of recycled plastic, the material of the watering cans feature increased UV protection. Made in Netstal, Switzerland, the headquarters of A. & J. Stöckli AG, the high-quality watering cans proudly bear the “Swiss Made” logo. The cans are robust and durable, bringing great joy to their owners with their meticulous attention to the smallest detail. The Swiss family business also has a 7-liter watering can designed especially for ladies.

Stöckli’s range of products not only includes garden watering cans (of 7, 10 and 12 litres), but also indoor watering cans, small watering cans and greenhouse cans. Each and every one is a testimony to our search for perfection.

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