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Good for people, plants and furniture

Heated air is dry – with all the unwanted side effects: Your skin ages faster. It affects the respiratory tract, lowering our protective shield against colds and infections. People prone to allergies suffer even more from spores and pollen, animal hair or dust. Eye irritations are common, especially if you wear contact lenses. Moreover, cold tobacco smoke and other odours fade away more slowly. Likewise, plants and everything made of wood, such as parquet, furniture and musical instruments dry out faster.

With its air washers, Stöckli has found the solution to all these phenomena: the air is simultaneously humidified and purified – without compromising the design of this elegant device made of high-quality plastic, ideal for homes and offices.

No burning, no filter pads and hardly any scaling.

The air washer operates on the cold evaporator principle: humid air adheres to the invisible suspended particles and cleans them. This way, suspended particles are not circulated around the room. As air at the ambient temperature gets into the room instead of hotter steam, children and pets cannot get hurt. The evaporator does not require any filter pads, as the fresh water added daily serves as the filter itself. Another advantage is that the appliance forms little to no scale at all. Therefore, it does not have to be regularly descaled and no scale gets into the ambient air.

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