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Fondue rechaud Atlantis Inox

Art.no. 8563.50

With safety paste burner, brushed stainless steel



CHF 79.00

incl. VAT and Shipping cost

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Kisag safety gas burner Classic Kisag Sicherheitsgasbrenner, passend für viel Stöckli Fonduerechauds
CHF 59.00
Paste burner standard Made of stainless steel
CHF 9.90
Solid fuel burner, with locking mechanism Lockable, made from stainless steel
CHF 19.50
STYX, fuel paste, 1 l / 800 g bottle Bottle with 1-litre content
CHF 8.90
STYX, fuel paste, 3 tins Folding box with three cups
CHF 4.89
Heat distribution plate Dish warmer, 16 cm
CHF 9.90
Spirit insert for paste burner Spirit insert for paste burners
CHF 15.00
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