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PizzaGrill Party Hot'Stone

Art.no. 0027.01

Multifunctional tabletop cooking appliance for raclette, gills and mini-pizzas, with natural-stone grill plate

Voltage & plug standard

230 V Schuko120 V UL230 V CH
CHF 169.00

incl. VAT and Shipping cost

Standard delivery within two to four business days

Silicon pad for PizzaGrill, anthracite Support pad for PizzaGrill for8, Party and Cheeseboard V9
CHF 39.90
Pans for pizzagill XXL, tall, 2 pcs. Extra-high additional pans for more content
CHF 19.90
Pans for pizzagill, 2 pcs. raclette+pizza Two additional mini-pans
CHF 16.90
Exchange stone grill plate for Party (Hot'Stone) Grill plate made of natural stone
CHF 40.00
Pan-Set for PizzaGrill Set of two pans and two stainless steel pan holders
CHF 24.90
Grill plate for 0026 Grill plate, non-stick cast aluminium
CHF 40.00
Raclette spatula, 4 pcs. Set of four spatulas
CHF 8.90
Pan holder for raclette, 2 pcs. Set of two
CHF 14.50
Set of ceramic pans for PizzaGrill Set of clay pans, pan holders and silicone mats
CHF 39.90
Raclette and grilling tongs SwissTwist Four plastic tongs to turn meat or vegetables
CHF 14.90
Raclette and grilling tongs SwissTwist, 4 colours Four coloured tongs to turn meat or vegetables
CHF 16.90
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