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FondueFun Set

Art.no. 8571.90

Two FondueFun sets with four fondue forks

CHF 129.90 CHF 69.90

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Fondue plate glass, 6 pcs. Six glass fondue plates
CHF 119.40
Fondue plate 'noir', 6 pcs. Six fondue plates made of ceramics
CHF 89.40
Paste burner standard Made of stainless steel
CHF 9.90
STYX, fuel paste, 1 l / 800 g bottle Bottle with 1-litre content
CHF 8.90
STYX, fuel paste, 3 tins Folding box with three cups
CHF 4.90
Fondue forks plastic FondueFun, 6 pcs. Six fondue forks made of plastic with colourful ends
CHF 19.90
Spirit insert for paste burner Spirit insert for paste burners
CHF 15.00
Dishholder with glass bowls With three glass bowls
CHF 69.00
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